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Heating and Air Service & Repair Johnson City TN

Heating and Air Service in Johnson City TN, With nearly 30 years experience in the HVAC industry, We are a Ruud and Goodman dealer and we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and getting the job done right the first time, your local Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor in Johnson City TN, For all your Heating and Air Conditioning needs. at Hunley Heating & Air, we’re problem solvers who can repair and maintain HVAC systems in the Johnson City TN area. We also have indoor air quality solutions available to maximize your indoor air quality for your home. We’re your local heating and air conditioning contractor for air conditioning, furnace, and heat pump repair and replacements in Johnson City TN.

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Air Conditioning Repair In Johnson City TN

We proudly offer Air conditioning repair to the Johnson City TN Community as we have the skills and expertise to diagnose and repair your ac unit quickly and affordably. Your comfort is our business. Call us to schedule a service appointment.

Air Conditioning Installation

If your in need of Air conditioning installation in Johnson City TN Hunley Heating & Air is happy to serve you as we strongly believe that we are not satisfied until you are and that we get the job done professionally and right the first time.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

We provide Air conditioning maintenance in Johnson City yearly on your ac unit to keep your system running smoothly all year-round. Maintaining your Ac will reduce repairs and prolong your ac unit.

Furnace Repair In Johnson City TN

Expert furnace repair in Johnson City TN, Don’t be stuck in the cold for fast reliable service turn to Hunley Heating & Air for all your furnace repairs.

Furnace Installation

Furnace Installation in Johnson City TN. We offer professional installations on your heating equipment with courteous and dependable service from our team.

Furnace Maintenance

When it comes to increasing comfort, efficiency and reliability, Furnace  maintenance is one of the most essential things you can complete for your unit.


HVAC Services Johnson City TN

Reliable HVAC Services in Johnson City TN 

Hunley Heating & Air’s team of expert HVAC technicians has been trained in all of the major heating and air conditioning brands. Whether you’re looking for some preventative maintenance to ensure your new air-conditioner continues operating at peak performance or a full replacement, our experts will have you back in a comfortable temperature in no time. We offer:

  • HVAC System Installation
  • HVAC Repair
  • HVAC Maintenance
  • Heat Pumps

HVAC Contractor In Johnson City TN

Since 1995, Hunley Heating & Air has been providing HVAC services to homes and businesses throughout the Johnson City TN area. Our HVAC technicians are trained and certified to bring you exceptional HVAC service at an affordable price. From furnace installation to heat pump repair, maintenance, we can solve any HVAC or air quality problem your home may have. 

Heat Pump Repair Johnson City TN

Expert Heat Pump Repair Johnson City TN, We service all brands, If your in need of Heat pump repair we are here to help, We will quickly and affordably get your system back up and running, We have many years experience and have worked on all brand Heat pumps over the years, We believe in getting the job done right the first time and customer satisfaction is our goal, From damp, chilly winters to sweltering summers, your heat pump works hard all year long to keep your home comfortable. If you notice your system is struggling to keep up against hot or cold weather, or if it stops working altogether, you need an expert repair to restore your comfort. Hunley Heating & Air, offers 24/7 emergency heat pump repair service, and we’ll work to restore your comfort as fast as possible. we are not satisfied until you are, Turn to Hunley Heating & Air for all your Heat pump repairs in the Johnson City TN area, Call or schedule an appointment.

How Heat Pumps Work in the Summer 

In the summer months, a heat pump works just like a standard air conditioner would. Standard air conditioners, use a refrigerant to absorb unwanted heat in your home and transfer it to the air outside. This happens by changing the pressure of the refrigerant fluid. At low pressures, the refrigerant will easily absorb any heat available in the air and evaporate from a liquid to a gas. At high pressures, a gas refrigerant is higher energy than the outside air, so it passes heat to the surrounding air and the refrigerant condenses back to a liquid when it cools. By controlling the pressure of the refrigerant, an air conditioner can extract heat from your home, even on very hot days.  

How Heat Pumps Work in the Winter 

A heat pump uses this same cycle “run in reverse” in the winter to extract heat energy from the outside and transfer it into your home. Even when it’s really cold out, there is still some amount of heat energy in the air. Because the outdoor air has higher energy than the cold, low-pressure refrigerant, the refrigerant absorbs that heat and evaporates. Just like the air conditioning cycle, the gas refrigerant can be pressurized, which raises the temperature. When the refrigerant is piped back into your home, it is used to warm up the air inside, until the heat is extracted and it condenses back into a liquid, and the cycle continues. 

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Ruud Dealer Johnson City TN

We are a Ruud dealer serving Johnson City TN, for all your HVAC needs Call Hunley Heating & Air, Free estimates on all new installations and replacements.

Goodman Dealer Johnson City TN

We are also a Goodman dealer serving Johnson City TN Call us for your free estimate on a new system.

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